Monday, May 13, 2013

Jazz Catfish Presents: The Interrogation

     The first published video of me on the internet has me sporting a shaved head, a full-black trench coat, and a swastika armband. Hire me, corporate America! I also have tattoos and a foul mouth!
     The first time I met up with Rick Del Vecchio in person, he handed me a rolled-up script for the below-posted video, titled simply, "The Interrogation." He told me I had only one line in the skit, but it was the punchline, and he wasn't wrong; since the premier of the clip, every shindig I went to at which Rick's friends were present, upon Rick introducing me, everyone would look at me for a second, then recite the line with vigor and elation. I won't ruin it, here it is:


     The captured American pilot is our friend Jake, a Soldier who, at the time, worked for the Army Channel in a subterranean level of the Pentagon (I've been in a sub-basement of the Pentagon. The kind of shit you get to do as a member of the military media machine, and really just for the fuck of it, I swear) and in whose apartment we shot the short. It was a blast to make; you can see how beat up the banana got after all the slap-takes we did with it when Jake goes to pick it up with his feet. 
     The main Nazi is Tim, Rick's brother, who was at the time a Soldier separated from the Army. I met Tim that day, and by the wrap, he was a buddy, Jake too. More to come. 

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