Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ground Breaker.

     How many journals have I started over the years? How many blogs, social media accounts, how many brief records of my daily activities have I created and abandoned, one after another? Too many to count. Well, too many to bother to keep track of anyway, their contents too trivial to properly catalog.
     They all start the same way: I need to write! This time, I'll be diligent! This time I'm staying on track! This time baby, I'll beeeee BULLETPROOF.
     The problem lies in the repetitive nature of the day-to-day and its clash with my need to tell a story. Some days I have the material to tell a good tale, something with payoff, be it "lol,""wah," or "oh that's neat;" some days I don't. It's those days I try to write just a brief, "this happened today," and that's where diligence has to come in, because those posts are boring as hell to write. They're frustrating! They're hard to look at, a single paragraph? What the hell is that? Where's the rest of it? Is there anything other than just record-keeping to justify the entry's existence on the page?
     Ultimately, I stop posting the small updates, opting to wait until something big happens to make a fuller, more satisfying post (something ROBUST, with hearty chunks of ha-ha and sweet morsels of relatability!) What ends up happening of course, is I forget I have a blog, and then it joins its predecessors on my computer in the virtual library of the forgotten, swelling the ranks of the unread.

"Porn... porn... porn... I think that's porn... Where did I put that f@#$ing library?!"

     Part of the problem is that I think pretty linearly when I think of blogs, I get into this mindset that blogs are for writing, for continuity, theme, and the satisfaction of a specific interest, and I'm just not that focused. My attention span is about as long as my dick, and for all its glory, dicks in general aren't that long. I get sidetracked easily. For example, now I'm thinking about dicks.
     I've thought long and hard (see) about what I could possibly create a blog for, and have continuously come up sterile. I've been shooting blanks for so long, I'd finally decided I had nothing to offer the blogosphere at large, and so be it. I'd rather be entirely absent from the scene rather than litter it with self-important dreck. So I'm not creating a journal.
     I'm making this blog a creative dump (and nothing is more satisfying than a creative dump after a looooong brain fart.) I have notepads, notebooks, memory cards, hard drives, and media accounts loaded with unfinished projects, novel and short-story attempts, single- and multiple-panel comics, songs, movies, poems, jokes, and all manner of stuff I've started and saved or finished and forgot.
     Will it be interesting? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it will be the dumbest, most juvenile stuff you've ever seen. Maybe it will offend you! Maybe it will make you laugh. Hopefully it will help me get my shit organized, and be a visible reminder to myself that I have stuff I can be working on. So this blog is for me, but you're welcome to enjoy it, hate it, mock it, share it, whatever makes you feel good. Conclusion statement.

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  1. Brings back memories of the old days! ... can't say I've never laughed that hard (that would be a lie), but ur at the tip ... I mean top, now I'm thinking about dicks ... thanks :)