Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Stand Up at Comedy Palace

     I've been taking part in a course in writing for stand up comedy for the past six weeks at the Comedy Palace in Kearny Mesa. This past weekend we had our graduation showcase, and I performed for friends, family, and about 10-12 strangers.

     Wow, I was telling those jokes way too fast. I was so concerned about forgetting them (most of it I'd made up that morning and the night before) that I was trying to get through them before I could lose them. Even so, I left three jokes unfinished; there were finishing lines to the dog bit, the babies are creepy bit, and TSA bit, but I left them out, leaving the chain of jokes uncapped. Going so fast made me fumble the "the Potatoheads and I are concerned" line. I would launch into the next joke before people were finished laughing from the one I'd just told, and the beginnings of them would be somewhat lost in laughs.
     Overall, though, I am pleased with how it for a first try. The whole act could be fine-tuned, but hell, people laughed, and that's pretty much what I was going for. It was so much fun, and I'm really grateful to everyone who showed up and laughed; even though a lot of people couldn't be there, they texted words of encouragement, and that was pretty damn neat too.
     They're having the whole class put on another show at Winston's in Ocean Beach, Oct. 25th, if anybody wants to see me sing more made up shit make a general ass of myself.